May 18, 2020

More quick date selection filter options

We added more date range options to make it easier to focus on the content that's important to you.

Date range selection filter options

Drag and Drop to Reorder Your Calendars

Re-order calendars with drag and drop

Tasks list shows related campaign for each task
When viewing the tasks list, sorted by task due date, we now show the related campaign name and link next to each task.

Task list example

Force reindexing on Deliverable Search

There's now an option to force InfluenceKit to refresh your indexed deliverables in Deliverable Search:

Columns in Kanban View Are Sortable

You can now sort your campaigns in Kanban view by date, user, or category.

Kanban view, sort options

Campaign Context Menu (Right Click)

Quickly change a campaign's status or category, or edit/delete it (and quickly access its report, when applicable).

Quickly Add/Edit Categories

Click the three dots next to the campaign category label to bring up the quick edit form:

Sort the Proposed Campaign sidebar

Click the sort icon to re-order the proposed sidebar:

Sort proposed sidebar

SendFox Integration!

We now integrate with the SendFox API, so you can add your emails from SendFox as deliverables in InfluenceKit, and get automatically-updated stats.

Jump to a page in Instagram Stories Listings

To make it easier to jump around within your stories history, we added a 'Jump to Page' option (thanks for the idea, Colleen!):

Task Due Dates Can Be Made Relative to the Campaign Date

Now, when creating a task, you can choose to make its due date relative to the campaign date. Then, if you move the campaign, that task will move right along with it:

Task List Uses More Natural Due Dates

To make your tasks easier to scan, we changed the way due dates are displayed:

February 23, 2020

Automatically Extract Stats from Screenshots

We noticed lots of our customers uploading screenshots of stats for content that InfluenceKit can't report on automatically. Things like Instagram story swipe-ups, and sticker taps, Facebook Stories, etc. So we built a feature that uses machine learning to automatically extract relevant stats from your screenshots. 

Now when you upload a screenshot it will grab all the stats from the screenshot, label them and add them to the report, no more manual stat entry! Is it black magic? Probably, but who cares! It's going to save you a ton of time. 

Here's a gif showing you how it works. Go on, try it for yourself, if you dare...

Deliverable Search is Now Available

Deliverable Se-what? Deliverable Search lets you add deliverables from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest, all without leaving InfluenceKit! Learn more.

This feature is available by request only (email us if you'd like to try it).

Kanban View (aka Column View) is Live for Everyone!

We started testing this feature out last month, and I'm excited to announce that it's now available for all our users. Kanban view gives you a simple way to stay organized while following a proven workflow (think Trello). Access it from the views menu on the top of your screen:

Toggle Tasks Visibility on Calendar View

For those of you using tasks (if you're not, you should start!), sometimes it's helpful to hide them from the calendar view. Now you can do that from the calendar view selection menu:

New Filters Dropdown + Advanced Filters

We simplified the header section of the user interface by putting all filter drop-downs underneath the new "Filters" button. We also added more advanced filtering options to help you find exactly what you're looking for in your account:

January 25, 2020

Here's what we released this month:

Powerbar: for power usersPress "alt+k" to show the Powerbar (global search and shortcuts):

Quick Help: "alt+?"Get quick tips and access our help docs:

Use tags to search for campaignsTo search for campaigns by tags: prefix the search term with a hashtag (#), for example: "#recipe" to search for campaigns tagged 'recipe' 

Updates to Report Design
We cleaned up the report fonts and styling to improve legibility. 

Redesigned Deliverable Entry Form
The redesigned deliverable preview/edit UI lets you to see what the deliverable card will look like while you're editing:

Reports Load Faster
We've drastically improved how quickly large reports load. So don't be shy! Add as many deliverables as you want to your campaigns.

More integrations
We added support for automatic statistics from several new platforms:

  • Art19 - a podcasting platform

  • OneSignal - push notifications

  • PushEngage - push notifications

If you create content on those channels, make sure to connect your accounts and start adding deliverables (here's how). 


  • Large numbers on your reports display in a nicer format now (for example 1,230,000 shows as 1.2M). 

  • We added a shortcut to the calendar settings page within the left-hand dropdown menu.

  • The Sponsor Hub notes field now supports rich text.

December 3, 2019

  • Faster loading reports - we've drastically improved how quickly large reports load.

  • Smarter rounding for large numbers on reports. (i.e. 1,200,000 becomes 1.2M)

  • Added a shortcut to the calendar settings page within the left-hand dropdown menu.

  • The calendar search field now lets you search for tagged campaigns. Just prefix the search term with a hashtag (#), for example: "#recipe" to search for campaigns tagged 'recipe'

  • Sponsor hub notes field now supports rich text 

  • You can now zoom in on Instagram Story images/videos. Just hold down the 'alt/option' key and click on the story to zoom.

  • The deliverable preview/edit UI has been entirely redesigned, allowing you to see what the deliverable card will look like while you're editing it. 

  • When you upload multiple images/attachments to a deliverable, they'll be shown in a carousel on the deliverable card.

  • Support for Art19 deliverables (Art19 is a podcasting platform)

September 25, 2019

  • Group Instagram Stories report cards by username

  • Improve Push Notification deliverable display on reports (include images)

September 23, 2019

  • Updated the UI and layout of our settings pages, making them (we hope) easier to navigate and understand.

  • Added support for OneSignal deliverables. Learn more.

  • Added support for PushEngage deliverables. Learn more.

  • Added a new metric category to reports called "Views". Based on lots of feedback we received from our users, we realized that certain types of content, like blog posts, deserved to be broken out into a different category from things like social media feed posts.

    So, going forward, blog post pageviews, YouTube video views, and Facebook video views will be broken out in the report charts under the new 'Views' category. We hope this will help emphasize to sponsors the added importance of those interactions with your audience.

    Note: this change is not retroactive - all existing/previous reports will continue working as they did before.

August 23, 2019

  • Launched Sponsor Hub feature, which helps you organize all your sponsorship info, campaigns and tasks in one place. Learn more.

  • Added a shortcut for deleting a campaign from your calendar: alt+shift+click on the campaign to delete.

  • Added date search function to the Instagram Stories selection interface (learn more)

  • Added the ability to customize both logo slots on the report header. The first slot will default to your organization's logo (specified in your settings or when you signed up), but can be change per report.

  • Updated the design of the calendar UI. 

July 3, 2019

  • Fixed a bug that caused errors on the user page when a user's login name included a single quote

  • Added statistic details popup to the deliverable card header metric on reports

  • Provide an automatic e-mail notification to recipient when sharing a report via Partner Key

  • Allow re-sharing reports that are shared via Partner Key

  • Added keyboard shortcuts to campaign editing modal (shift+1, shift+2, etc corresponding to each tab in the modal form)

  • Updated the design of the general settings page

  • Added privacy policy details and links

  • Fixed bug that caused encoding errors in dropdowns when using string with single quotes or other special characters

  • Updated the design of the edit account page

  • Add pagination to the tasks index page. Allow admins to view tasks from all users

  • Updated design of the new user/sign up page

  • Allow dragging campaigns from the calendar back to the proposed column

  • Allow zooming in on Instagram story previews

  • Ability to add manual stats to Instagram stories

  • Integration with MadMimi

  • More styling options for the rich text editor in the report notes field

May 31, 2019

  • You can now search your Instagram stories by caption, username, or email (which makes filtering out stories easier when you are pulling from multiple Instagram accounts)

  • When opening a report from the campaign page, the report will now open in a new tab/window.

May 20, 2019

  • Add tag a sponsor filters to campaign list view

  • Support Facebook Watch URL format

  • Updated user list page user interface with new/better design

  • Calendar view search now supports searching by campaign tags and sponsors

  • Ability to set deliverable type manually when deliverable URL is blank

  • Ability to add custom stats manually to Instagram Stories deliverables

  • Add search bar to deliverables form when there are more than 10 deliverables in a campaign

April 24, 2019

  • Added a search bar for the deliverable entry for (visible only when you have more than 10 deliverables) .

  • Updated user listing page UI

April 11, 2019

  • Minor design update - we made some design changes to simplify the interface.

  • Better onboarding sequence for new users

  • Added support for ActiveCampaign deliverables. Learn more

March 22, 2019

  • We added the ability to purchase an InfluenceKit subscription on behalf of another user (as a gift!)

  • Updates to the campaign list interface. You can access this view from your calendar, here:

  • The campaign list view allows you to view, search, and sort everything from your calendar in a more efficient interface. You can quick-edit each campaign, and make bulk changes as well.

  • Google Search Console stats (SEO rankings) will now be included for deliverables that are ranking higher that 3rd place for a keyword.

  • On reports with deliverables from multiple users, cards will group by user.

  • Better error messages for Pinterest deliverables (they can't get stats for until 24 hours after they are posted)

  • Data-sharing between accounts - if your account has this feature enabled, you'll be able to share data from your reports directly to other InfluenceKit accounts.

  • Report builder - if your account has this feature enabled, you'll be able to generate reports from any data within your account (combine, search, filter).

  • Sponsors and tagging - if your account has this feature enabled, you'll be able to attach a sponsor to each campaign, as well as add tags.

March 5, 2019

  • Updated the design of the report sharing modal, making it faster and easier to copy-and-paste the report link.

  • Added support for ConvertKit deliverables. Read more.

  • Allow setting default event description text (per calendar)

Jan 29, 2019

  • We now include Google Search Console stats on deliverable cards for URLs that are ranking in the top 3 for a keyword. To enable this feature, you'll need to go to connected accounts page and reauthorize your Google account.

  • You now can force a refresh of your Instagram Stories. Looks for the link at the bottom of your stories list.

  • We added AWeber integration - just connect your account and then paste your AWeber archive URL a a deliverable.

Jan 1, 2019

  • InfluenceKit now supports Pinterest deliverables with automated reporting

  • Report updated timestamp now reflects the most recently-updated deliverable on the report (previous it was based on the oldest)

  • Updated layout and design for the Connected Accounts page

  • Added refresh button on each deliverable card in a report. You can now force a stats refresh for each card.

  • Better UI notifications for cases where external account connections are broken or missing.

  • Faster loading of large reports 

  • Added ability to add optional rich text description to top of reports

  • Allow users to select which Facebook pages they would like to pull stats (and Instagram Stories) from

  • Handle deliverable URLs

November 15
Instagram Stories metrics!

September 12, 2018
This is a major feature release which includes several important improvements:

  • Completely updated report design, along with the ability to customize report name and header logos

  • New UI for adding deliverables, including ability to add multiple deliverables at a time

  • Deliverable templates feature, which makes it easier and faster to repeat deliverables from past campaigns

  • Tasks template feature, which allows you to re-use tasks from similar past campaigns seamlessly

  • Task sorting by user and date, as well as search for tasks

  • Autosaving within event forms

  • Ability to complete a task directly from the calendar view

July 18, 2018
We released a new deliverable entry UI which makes it easier and faster to add multiple deliverables at one time. 

We released a feature that suggests deliverables and tasks for your events, based on previous events you've created, to cut down on time spent entering new events (since often times your events will have the same tasks and/or deliverables).

Added the ability to edit comments.

June 28, 2018
We fixed a permissions issue where calendar users with the 'guest' role could not toggle task status.

We changed the way comment notifications work: previously, anyone who had commented in the thread, as well as anyone who was @mentioned, would be notified. Now, only those who are @mentioned are notified.

June 5, 2018
New stats for Facebook posts! We now fetch unique impressions (aka 'Reach') for your Facebook post deliverables. Reach is different from normal 'Impressions', in that it only counts each person once (impressions can include multiple times a post was in the same person's feed).

Better stats for non-business Instagram accounts. Instagram does not product detailed analytics for non-business accounts, but in lieu of that data, we are now pulling in the like and comment counts for Instagram post deliverables.

June 1, 2018
You can now add attachments to comments! This makes it easy to one or more files along with a comment on an event.

May 7th, 2018
PDF export for reports is now available. This feature is under development, so please help us work out the kinks! While in beta, PDF export is available to all accounts (once it's generally released, it'll be available only on Grow and Pro plans).

April 30, 2018
Tasks are now available on our Grow and Pro level plans. Tasks help you break up your work into manageable chunks, assign, and schedule everything on your calendars. Learn more about tasks here.

March 31, 2018
Added Bitly and Google+ integrations.

March 30, 2018
We updated our Facebook API integration to better capture your Facebook post insights; we now record the number of comments and shares created for each post.

March 27, 2018

More Report Sharing Options 

To share a report, clic the 'Share icon' in the top right:

When the popup appears, you'll have the choice to e-mail the report to your contacts, copy and paste the direct link, or download a CSV version of the report.

Custom Calendar/Category Color
Now you can set a custom color for your calendars and categories (in addition to choosing from the preset color palette). In the color, chooser, just enter a hex color code, like this:

February 4, 2018

Notifications Center
We're beginning to release our new notifications inbox feature to selected accounts. This page will allow you see and respond to all your InfluenceKit notifications (comments, events mentions, etc.) in one place. 

Report Improvements
You can now view reports as cards or in a table format. There's also a new search feature for reports, allowing you to quickly find deliverables by searching.

January 25, 2018

We added support for emojis in comments and descriptions fields! To choose an emoji, just type a colon (":") and then the emoji you're looking for. Example:

Archiving for Calendars
Sometimes you're done with a calendar, but don't want to just delete it. Now you can 'archive' it, so it won't show up in your menu, but will still be accessible if you need it. Just go to your settings menu, choose 'Manage Calendars', and then click the 'Edit' button on the calendar you want to archive.

Color coding for calendars
Your calendars now have colors assigned to them, so you can view them at a glance on the main dashboard screen. You can also create events directly from the main dashboard calendar.

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