You can always give a brand or agency a link to a view only version of your report, but some agencies and brands would like to view your campaign results within their own InfluenceKit account, where they can create reports for their use. When brands or agencies require more access to your deliverables "Partner Key" is where it happens. 

Note: Partner Key is enabled by request only. 

How do I give a brand or agency access to a report?

To share deliverables with a brand or agency using "Partner Key":

  1. Click the share button at the top of the report page

  2. Then click the "Partner Key" tab

  3. Type in the email associated with the brand or agency account you'd like to share with.

  4. Select the account you'd like to share with and click "Share Key"

When you share a link to your report you're giving the person you share it with view only access, they can view your report, but can't use the report data to create their own reports within their InfluenceKit account.

When you share a report using 'Partner Key' however, you give the brand or agency the ability to view the report within their own InfluenceKit account, where they can combine the data with reports from other influencers who might have also participated in the campaign. 

This is an important and powerful feature for brands and agencies, that allows them to view and display campaign results in its entirety, while still protecting your privacy by not giving them access to your social profiles or website data. You only give them access to the results they need to see.

What will brands and agencies be able to do with my data if I give them access? Can they share the data? Share the reports?

The brands and agencies you share reports with using 'Access control' will be able to view your reports in their own InfluenceKit account, and use the data in the report to create their own reports.

Here's an example: 

You and Brand X have partnered on 3 campaigns, which has resulted in 3 separate reports in your InfluenceKit account, each of which has a number of deliverables (blog posts, Instagram posts, Facebook posts, etc.). 

When you invite a brand to access each of those reports they will then be able to create a report that shows them the results of all the campaigns in one report, or if they wanted, a report that just shows the Instagram results, etc. 

To take it a little further, if you're one of a number of influencers on the campaign the brand or agency would be able to create a report from all the data shared with them across all the reports they've been given access to. This means they would be able to create a report that shows the results of the campaign including all influencers, or just the Instagram results from all influencers, etc.

Is my data secure?

Yes! Partner Key was created with your security and privacy as the main priority. 

With Partner Key you can give brands and agencies access to the data they need to measure a campaign, without giving them full access to your social accounts or website data. They can only view the data available in the reports you choose to share with them, and you can revoke access at anytime.

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