How to add a ConvertKit Deliverable
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First, connect your ConvertKit account:

  • Go to the Connected Accounts page in InfluenceKit

  • Click on 'Add Account', and then select ConvertKit

  • Enter your ConvertKit API Secret in the field, and click save. To find your ConvertKit API key, go to:

  • Click 'Show' to reveal your secret key. 

To add a ConvertKit broadcast as a deliverable in InfluenceKit, follow these steps:

Once you have the broadcast URL, you can paste it into InfluenceKit like any other deliverable.

What happens if ConvertKit is pulling any stats for my email?

The most common error is entering the "API KEY" instead of the "API Secret" (see screenshot, above). Make sure you're entered the right one when connecting your ConvertKit account to InfluenceKit.

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