What is Sponsor Hub?

Sponsor Hub is like a Rolodex but digital, and not liable to scatter across the room if it gets knocked off your desk.

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Meet Sponsor Hub!

Campaigns organized better than before! 

With Sponsor Hub you can connect every campaign with a sponsor which allows you to see how much money you've made with each sponsor as well as how many pending, active and completed campaigns you have. 

Tip: This is great when it comes to quick follow up on rates for new campaigns! 

Every bit of contact info has a place. 

No searching for an email from 2013, no trying to find a business card, no missed opportunities! All of your sponsor info is available at a glance! Contact info, logo, and a notes section keeps you from misplacing important details.

BONUS: when you add a logo to a sponsor in Sponsor Hub, that logo will be used by default on any campaign reports that have the same sponsor assigned.

You love it right? We knew it!

Sponsor Hub is only available on InfluenceKit Pro

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