Currently, Facebook doesn't provide automated reporting for Facebook Stories, or Instagram Reels. You may also want to add Instagram stories to a report that you created before you started using InfluenceKit (we can't provide automated reporting for stories that expired before you connected with InfluenceKit).

You can still add these deliverables to your campaigns manually. Here's how:

First, create a deliverable with the appropriate label. If you have a URL for the deliverable, you can add it. If not, you can upload a screenshot of the deliverable later.

(Note: this example is for a Facebook Story, but the process is the same for Instagram Stories or Reels)

If you didn't add a deliverable, you'll have to choose a deliverable type here:

Expand the 'Preview & Edit' fields:

Now, you can add the metrics that you see in the Facebook insights dashboard, and if necessary, add screenshots to the card:

Common Questions:

  • Can I add stories that were posted over 24 hours ago?
    Any stories that expired before you connected with InfluenceKit will have to be added manually using the method described above.
    After you connect with InfluenceKit, we'll save every story you post, so you'll be able to add it even after 24 hours (after it has expired).

  • Do I need an Instagram Business Account?
    Yes - only business accounts are supported. Instagram Creator accounts work too.

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