How to Use Campaign Templates

Save time when creating new campaigns

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Note: this feature is only available by request at this time.

When creating campaigns, you can save time by using templates. Campaign Templates allow you to mark a campaign as a template, and then select that template when creating a new campaign. So you can populate the template campaign with all the details that are common to most campaigns of that type, and then create new ones based off the template.ย 

For example, all your sponsored post campaigns might follow a similar template. To create a template, you just create (or find) a normal campaign:

Enter in all the details, and save the campaign:

Then, hover over the 'templates' menu icon in the upper right and select 'Make template':

Now this campaign will available to use as a template. To use it, click the dropdown icon next to the 'New Campaign' button, and then click 'Use a Template':

You'll see a list of all your template campaigns. Select the one you want to use:

That's it! You'll see a new campaign based on the template, which you can edit as you please:


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