We've developed a video mini-course to walk you through everything you need to use InfluenceKit like a pro. When you're done with this course, you'll be more organized and more strategic.

Signing Up and Connecting your Accounts


What should you use InfluenceKit For?

Using Campaigns to Organize Your Content Workflow

Using Campaigns to Organize Your Content Workflow

Generate Automated Performance Reports for Your Content

Using Deliverables to Track Your Content

Deliverables - how to track all the deliverables for a campaign

Build an Efficient Blogging Workflow

Tasks - get your to-dos organized and all in one place

Selling Sponsored Content - InfluenceKit's Built-in System

Sponsor Hub - a digital Rolodex for your brand contacts

Customize InfluenceKit's Settings (the nitty gritty)

InfluenceKit settings walkthrough

Common InfluenceKit Use Cases

The best ways to use InfluenceKit

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