Using Deliverables Search
Find your content on social channels faster, without leaving InfluenceKit
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With Deliverables Search, you can search across all your posts on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and Pinterest, without ever leaving InfluenceKit:

Using the "Search Deliverables" tab (a sub-tab under "Deliverables"), you''ll be able to see all the posts you've created on the social channels we support for search (currently Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter & Pinterest). Then you can use the search field to narrow down the results:

When you've found all the content you want to add to your campaign, just drag to select those posts:

The click 'Add Selected' to add these to your campaign:

Deliverable Search works by indexing the content on your social platforms. This process happens several times throughout the day, so there may be a lag between when you create a piece of content on your social channel, and when it becomes available within Deliverable Search.


Facebook page posts are supported, but other content types (e.g. Facebook Reels), are not.

For Instagram, all content types (in-feed, video, reels, and stories) are supported.

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