How to Use Report Builder for Advanced Reports
Combine and filter any data from your account
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Report Builder makes it easy to combine data from multiple campaigns or calendars within your account. It's available on our Pro plan.

To access Report Builder, click the Reports icon in the side menu:

Then click 'Report Builder':

To create a new custom report, click 'New Report'. You'll be able to start adding conditions:

A condition is a rule that tells InfluenceKit which campaigns you'd like to pull from to create this report. You can create conditions based on a number of attributes:

And you can combine conditions using a combinator (OR, AND):

To view the results of the conditions you've selected, click 'Apply Filters':

To save your report, enter a title in the 'Report Title' field, and click save:

Report Builder reports can be shared or exported just like normal reports. There's no limit on the number of reports you can create.

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