How to add a Drip Deliverable
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First, connect your Drip account:

  • Go to the Connected Accounts page in InfluenceKit

  • Click on 'Add Account', and then select Drip

  • Enter your Drip API Token in the field, and click save. To find your Drip API key, go to:

To add a Drip broadcast as a deliverable in InfluenceKit, follow these steps:

  1. From the side navigation, select 'Campaigns' and then 'Single Emails'

  2. Click on the broadcast email you'd like to report on

  3. Copy the URL from your address bar. The URL should look like this:

Note that this is NOT the "View in Browser" or the "Copy URL" link to the newsletter. It is the URL of the Lifetime Stats page, displaying your stats and detailed email metrics.

Once you have the broadcast URL, you can paste it into InfluenceKit like any other deliverable.

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