How to search for old pins on Pinterest

This is the simplest way to search Pinterest to find pins for creating reports for content that's a few months or years old.

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If you want to create a report for an older post, it's going to require a little digging to gather all the deliverable URLs, luckily, however, finding older pins on Pinterest is as easy as using the search bar.

How to search your own pins

Searching your own pins is just like searching for anyones pins on Pinterest, the only difference is you'll want to narrow the search to your own pins using the available drop down to the right of the search bar, shown here:

Now that you know how to narrow your search down to your pins, how do you decide what to search for? I have some ideas that might help...

How to locate the correct pin

You likely have thousands of pins on Pinterest, so even though you know how to narrow the search down to your own pins, knowing what to search for will go a long way.

In order to increase the chances of your search revealing the correct pin, try the following tips:

Visit the related post on your site, and click a "pin it" button to remind yourself which pin you're looking for.

Select the pin as though you were going to pin it to Pinterest, and look at the description and hashtags used. Use parts of the description or hashtags in your search to locate the correct pin faster.

With these tips you should be able to take what might have felt like it would take a day, and turn it in to something that you can get done in just a few minutes!

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