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Tips for Success: Do These 3 Things First

As with anything worth doing, getting started is the hardest part, so today’s tips are meant to give you that little push you need to get going, because once you start, the rest will be easy.

  1. Migrate - The first thing you need to do to start using InfluenceKit as your editorial calendar is move your content from wherever it may be, over to InfluenceKit. While this might sound obvious, the tip here is to move all your content at once instead of a little bit at a time.

    The goal: Move all your content to InfluenceKit so when it’s time to work on your next post, you don’t have to open 3 different tabs and email, you just open InfluenceKit 🤯.

  2. Give ideas a home - Every great content calendar is made up of what once were just ideas, so as you move your content over to InfluenceKit, make sure you bring your ideas too. The Propopsed sidebar is the perfect home for all your ideas,  

    The goal: As you move your content to InfluenceKit add your ideas to the proposed sidebar along with any notes/details you might want, that way when it's time to plan out your editorial calendar it will be as easy as drag and drop 🙌.

    Everything you need to know about the Proposed sidebar

  3. Organize - Great organization is key to running a successful blog. InfluenceKit makes it easy and fast. Color-coded categories make your calendar beautiful, structured, and easy to scan. Tags let you keep track of special projects (‘spring-collab’ or ‘e-book’) and content types (‘paleo’ or ‘gluten free’).

    The goal: Determine how you’re going to categorize your content on InfluenceKit and start organizing with categories and tags as it’s added to InfluenceKit 😎.

    Everything you need to know about how to get and stay organized in InfluenceKit

Bonus - Create drafts in WordPress with a click: After implementing the tips above InfluenceKit will be the one place you go to work on your content, and with our WordPress Sync feature, you can create drafts of the posts your working on in WordPress with one click. WordPress sync is in beta so if you'd like to try it just let us know.

Now, all that’s really left is to start, so….

In your corner,

Chris & Bruno

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