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Note: this feature is currently available by request only.

The best way to use InfluenceKit is at the very beginning of your content planning process. You'll get the most out of InfluenceKit if you plan your content here, collaborate with your team to create the content, and then use our built-in reporting.

To that end, we've built a feature that allows you to sync campaigns from InfluenceKit directly into your Wordpress account. That means you can create blog post drafts inside InfluenceKit and take advantage of our planning and collaboration features (like comments and tasks), and then, when you're ready, move that content over to your blog in one click.

Connect Your Wordpress Account

  1. Install the Wordpress Application Passwords plugin. This will enable the Wordpress API for your site, and also let you create a password for InfluenceKit to use.

  2. In Wordpress, go the User Profile page of the user that you want to generate a new application password for. When InfluenceKit syncs a post, it will assign it to this user.

  3. Scroll down until you see the Application Passwords section. This is typically at the bottom of the page.

  4. Within the input field, type in a descriptive name (i.e. "InfluenceKit") for your new application password, then click Add New.

  5. Once the Add New button is clicked, your new application password will appear. Copy this password, as it will not be displayed to you again. If you lose this password, it cannot be obtained again.

  6. In InfluenceKit, go to the connected accounts page, and click to add a new Wordpress account, and enter the fields: 

Sync an InfluenceKit Campaign to Wordpress

To sync a campaign to Wordpress, just use the slider at the bottom of the campaign editing modal:

What Gets Synced?

When you enable that checkbox, InfluenceKit will create a draft in Wordpress using the same title as the campaign. The campaign description will be used as the Wordpress blog post body. The campaign's date will be used as the Wordpress blog post publish date.

After the initial sync, InfluenceKit will not update the content of the Wordpress post  (to avoid overwriting any changes you might have made in Wordpress). It will, however, update the publish date (if you've changed it in InfluenceKit, it'll update in Wordpress).

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