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Tasks help you create content more efficiently

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Tasks can be assigned to a user, and scheduled on your calendars:

Here's a quick video overview of how they work:

How Suggested Tasks Work

Often, the task list for a new post or project is similar to what you've used in the past (for example, 'Write blog post', 'Shoot Photos', 'Copyedit'). To save time, InfluenceKit will suggest tasks when possible, drawing on campaigns you've already created.

InfluenceKit uses the selected category for your new campaign to determine which tasks to suggest adding.ย 

Here's an example:

  • Last week, you created a campaign with the 'SEO optimization' category, and added three tasks: 'Do keyword research', 'Update post headings', and 'Republish social media'

  • This week, if you create a new campaign, and select the same category (SEO Optimization), InfluenceKit will suggest the same three tasks, and allow to you add them quickly and easily.

  • InfluenceKit always looks for the most recent previous campaign in the same category, and uses its tasks as the suggestions for the new campaign.

To use the suggested tasks, just click 'Yes' when prompted, as below:

Duplicating Campaign Tasks

Another quick way to re-use tasks from an existing campaign is to simply duplicate that campaign. To copy a campaign, go to the calendar view, hold down the option (or alt) key, and then drag the source task to a new space on the calendar. When you release the campaign, a new copy will be created on that date, including any campaign details and tasks.

โ€‹Note: users who want even more control may prefer using InfluenceKit's campaign templates feature, currently in beta. Learn more here.

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