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Customize each calendar to work the way you want

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Every InfluenceKit calendar is customizable, with its own settings. The easiest way to reach a calendar's settings page is by clicking the gear icon in the top right of the calendar view:

Update the calendar's name and color, or set it to archived status:

The settings page allows you to manage the categories you want to use for this calendar, and customize their colors:

The Proposed Campaigns settings section lets you turn on and off the proposed sidebar for this calendar. Here, you can also set the default description text for any new campaigns.

If you deselect 'Show "Proposed" sidebar?', your calendar guests will not have the option of submitting blog post pitches via this calendar.ย 

The settings page sidebar includes a few helpful links:

The first field is a public URL where anyone (even people who are not a part of your calendar) can submit blog post ideas to your account (don't worry, they won't go on your calendar unless you approve them).

You can share this URL with potential contributors, or share it on your blog and social media to solicit submissions.

(You can also cut and paste the embedded pitch form code to include the form directly on one of your pages)

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