Troubleshooting Deliverable Reporting

Why aren't my stats working?

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If we're not able to get statistics for one of your deliverables, you'll see a warning icon, like this:

You can hover over the icon to get more information about why the stats aren't working. Below are some common reasons. If none of these apply in your case, please reach out to our support team by using the pink chat button in the lower right hand corner of the page.

Refresh Statistics
Sometimes, the warning sign appears simply because InfluenceKit has not yet fetched any statistics for this deliverables. Try clicking the 'refresh data' button at the top of the report page:

Wait 5-10 minutes to give our system time to fetch the new stats. If you still don't see any change, contact support.

Why Aren't My Instagram Stats Working? (IG in feed, video, and Reels)
Instagram only provides reporting for business accounts. If you do not have a business account, we can not automatically update stats for your Instagram posts. Our Instagram data comes via the Facebook API, so you must have your Facebook account connected in order for InfluenceKit to pull data for your Instagram posts.

If you're sure you have an Instagram Business (or Creator) account, make sure that it's linked to your Facebook page, and that you've connected a Facebook account that has admin rights on that page.

Instagram Stories Stats Aren't Working

To get stats from IG stories, you need to have a business or creator account. If you've connected your account, and still aren't seeing any stories, it may just be a delay in the system (we process the Instagram stories every two hours).

Instagram Stories stats do not include link clicks and sticker taps (this is a restriction imposed by Facebook).

How long should it take to sync Instagram Stories?

About two hours. If you want, you can force the system to check for new stories by clicking this button:

Click here to refresh Instagram stories

Why isn't my Facebook Post Working?
When you connect your Facebook account, you are asked to grant InfluenceKit a specific set of permissions. We need these in order to pull statistics for your Facebook posts. If you declined any of those permissions, your stats won't work correctly.

Posts from Facebook groups, Facebook stories, and personal Facebook page posts are not supported.

Why aren't Blog Posts Statistics Pulling on the Report?
InfluenceKit connects to your Google Analytics account to get statistics for your blog posts. We use the blog post URL to figure out (automatically) which of your Google Analytics properties to check for stats. In rare cases, InfluenceKit is not able to select the right property. If this happens, please contact support and we will manually override this setting for you.

Pinterest Stats
Reporting is not supported for re-pins, or for pins which you did not create (i.e. another account's pins). Carousel pins are also not yet supported.

ConvertKit Stats

"I've connected our Convert Kit API Key to our account, but the stats aren't showing up in the report."

Make sure that when you connect your ConvertKit account, you add the "API Secret", NOT the "API Key":

Other Issues
When inputting deliverable URLs, make sure that they are properly formatted:

  • https:// or http:// at the beginning

  • no leading or trailing spaces

Discrepancies in Statistics - Why are the stats different?

In some cases, the content platforms' APIs include cached data, which means our number will differ slightly from what you might see on that platform itself. Usually these discrepancies clear up automatically over time.

If you see a very significant difference between the stats InfluenceKit is showing, and what you see on the content platform, please contact us.

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