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What permissions does InfluenceKit get when I connect my Facebook account?
What permissions does InfluenceKit get when I connect my Facebook account?

Our goal is to empower you with your data, but in order for us to succeed it's important we have the right permissions.

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When you connect your Facebook account to InfluenceKit, we ask for the minimum permissions required in order to pull stats from your Facebook & Instagram posts, as well as to capture your Instagram stories so you can access them and add them to reports.

The bottom line: InfluenceKit is only interested in helping you get easier access to your stats (read out privacy policy here). We ask for the minimum permissions possible in order to do that.

Can InfluenceKit create posts on my Facebook or Instagram page?

No. We don't ask for the permission that would be required in order to create content on your account. (Also, we wouldn't do that even if we could).

What permissions do you need?

When you connect to Facebook, you'll need to make sure all permissions are allowed, removing any one of these permissions will interfere with our ability to accurately report on your Facebook and Instagram data.

What does "Manage accounts, settings, and webhooks for a Page" mean?

In the Facebook authentication screen you'll see that InfluenceKit asks for this permission. This allows us to set up webhooks, which is a way for Facebook to inform us when you post new Instagram Stories (so we can save them to your account). More technical details in the Facebook API documentation

The way Facebook describes the permission on the connection screen is a bit confusing. In the authentication screen, it says "Manage accounts, settings, and webhooks for a Page", but in reality, it doesn't give us permission to manage your accounts. Here's the documentation on the permission we're asking for (pages_manage_metadata).

This 'pages_manage_metadata' permission does allow us to "manage settings for a page", but in practice, we don't do that. (It would be nice if Facebook would separate out the two permissions, so InfluenceKit could request permission to create webhooks, without also getting permission to manage settings.)

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