How to add an Omny Studio Deliverable

Need to add an Omny Studio episode to your deliverables? Here's how!

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First, connect your Omny Studio account:

  • Go to the Connected Accounts page in InfluenceKit

  • Click on 'Add Account', and then select Omny Studio

  • Enter your Account ID (This is is just your Omny Account name (i.e. InfluenceKit)

  • Enter your Omny Studio API key in the field, and click save. To find your Omny Studio API key, go to:

To add an Omny Studio episode as a deliverable in InfluenceKit, follow these steps:

Once you have the episode URL, you can paste it into InfluenceKit like any other deliverable.

InfluenceKit will pull the following stats:

Downloads (views) - lifetime

Reach (impressions) - last 30 days

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