How to Add Custom Stats to a Deliverable
Manually adding stats
Updated over a week ago

Some deliverables aren't easy to pull automated stats from. But InfluenceKit lets you add custom statistics to any deliverable. Here's how:

First, expand the preview and edit fields within the deliverable form:

Next - click 'Add Statistic'

Finally, enter your custom stats in the fields below. You can add as many as you like.

Custom stats will show up on your campaign report just like any other metric, and they'll be aggregated at the top of the report based on the metric type that you select. 

Custom stats are useful for cases when you aren't able to pull stats automatically, like certain types of Instagram Stories stats (i.e. link clicks or sticker taps), or comments on blog posts.

To add custom stats for Instagram Stories, click the 'edit' icon on each story, like this:

You can also upload a screenshot of your Instagram stories stats directly to InfluenceKit, and we'll pull the numbers out automatically. Just add the screenshot to the uploads area for a deliverable:

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