How to add Flodesk deliverables to a report

InfluenceKit doesn't have an official Flodesk integration, but you can still add them as deliverables to a report.

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Flodesk is a popular email platform, and we often get requests from InfluenceKit users about how to add Flodesk deliverables to a report. Unfortunately, Flodesk doesn't have an API that provides email stats, but don't worry! You can still add Flodesk deliverables to your InfluenceKit report manually.

How to add Flodesk deliverables to a report:

  1. Add a publicly viewable Flodesk email link to the deliverable Link tab and click Add.

    Flodesk shareable email links follow this format:

  2. After the deliverable has been added, click the Preview & edit link.

  3. Once the deliverable has been expanded, you can enter custom stats.

    Enter the number of Opens: Under Custom Statistics, select Impressions unique and then enter the number of opens (without commas).

    Enter the number of Clicks: Click on Add statistic and, select Link clicks from the drop-down, and enter the number of clicks.

  4. You can continue the steps above to additional stats like replies or total opens (impressions).

That's it! You've now added a Flodesk deliverable to your report.

You can help us add an official Flodesk connection!

Flodesk is our most popular integration request, and we've been in contact with them about creating an API for years, but they have yet to respond. You can help by reaching out to and telling them you use InfluenceKit and want them to add email stats to their API.

If enough users let Flodesk know this is a priority, we're confident there's a good chance they'll choose to update their API.

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