How to Use Assignment Checklists

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After creating an Influencer Hub assignment, you can choose to add a checklist to it. To do so, Navigate to the "Assignment Details" page, and then choose 'Add a Checklist':

A checklist can include key tasks, milestones, or content reviews that will help the influencer and the brand complete the assignment efficiently:

When an influencer views their assignment, they'll be able to check off completed checklist items:

Influencer-Specific Checklists

Assignment checklists are shared by all influencers who are part of the assignment. If you have a checklist that's specific for one influencer, you can add that on the influencer's screen:

An influencer-specific checklist is only visible to that influencer (and not others in the assignment).

When creating an influencer-specific checklist, you'll have the option to pre-populate the checklist items based on the last influencer checklist you created (within the same assignment):

(Don't forget to save!)

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