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Enable automated reporting by connecting your external accounts

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You can connect your external accounts to enable automated reporting for your deliverables. Connecting accounts is easy and private (we'll never share your data, and we'll only pull reports for specific deliverables which you enter into the system).

Here's how to do it:

Click on the 'Connected Accounts' link in the settings menu.

Choose which type of account you'd like to connect. We currently support:

The authorization process differs for each provider, but generally, you can just follow the steps as shown, and accept the prompts. When finished, you'll see your new external account shown within InfluenceKit, like this:

Now, when you enter deliverables from that external platform (in this case, Facebook), InfluenceKit will automatically pull performance statistics. 

Platform-Specific Tips

Facebook and Instagram:

If you manage multiple Facebook pages, InfluenceKit will automatically figure out which one to pull statistics from, based on the URL of the deliverable you enter into the system.

If you want to prevent access to certain pages, you can disable them using the toggles:

Note: we pull Instagram Stories for any Facebook Pages that are connected to an Instagram account. To prevent that, just toggle off that page.

Google Analytics

If you have multiple Google Analytics profiles, InfluenceKit will make an intelligent guess about which one matches the deliverables you enter, based on the URL. If you notice any issues, please contact us and we'll help troubleshoot the problem.


Find your ConvertKit API secret here:


Find your Drip API secret here:




One Signal

You API key can be found here:


Access your PushEngage API key here:

Omny Studio



Access your ExpertSender API key here:

Copy your APIv2 address and your API key into the form:

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