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Influencer Hub Walkthrough - How to Easily Get Reports from Influencers
Influencer Hub Walkthrough - How to Easily Get Reports from Influencers

Use Influencer Hub to save time working with influencers

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Brands and agencies need to prove the ROI of their influencer marketing campaigns. Influencers want to prove the value of their work. InfluenceKit helps both sides do this quickly and accurately.

As a brand using InfluenceKit, you have access to Influencer Hub. This lets you invite influencers to your campaigns, propose assignments, and seamlessly get reports.

Here's a quick overview of how it works:

First, go to your Influencer Hub dashboard. Create a campaign, and then create an assignment:

Add the assignment title, due date, and details.

Here's where you can add influencers to the assignment, by just entering their email address:

Or, you can copy the assignment signup link and send it out via your own email:

Once an influencer is invited, you can communicate with them about the project directly in Influencer Hub:

The influencer can accept the assignment, and collaborate with the brand to get the details right.

When the influencer adds their deliverables, the accurate, automatically-updated report will be shared with the brand account seamlessly:


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