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How to Create an Assignment for Influencers
How to Create an Assignment for Influencers

Manage, communicate, and report on influencer campaigns

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After creating a campaign, you can add an Influencer Hub assignment. These let you invite one or more influencers to work with you on a project. Assignments give you a central location to store all your communication with influencers, exchange files, and get automatically-updated reports.

Start by clicking on 'Create Assignment':

Then, enter the assignment details:


Choose a descriptive name that will make sense to the influencers.

Due By

This is the date by which you want the influencers to have added their deliverables to InfluenceKit. They'll get an email reminder if they haven't added any deliverables by that date.


Describe the assignment requirements and objectives. Make sure to include any and all information the influencers might need to execute the campaign successfully and on time. You can add links to external resources, images, or important email contacts here.

Note: all the influencers you invite to this assignment will see this description, so make sure to keep the info broadly applicable. If you have specific requirements or details for each influencer, you'll be able to add those after inviting influencers:


Add any files that the influencers will need. You can add product images, brand logos, word docs and PDFs.

When you're done outlining the assignment, click 'Next: Invite Influencers'

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