When you invite an influencer to an Influencer Hub assignment, it's easy to keep all your communication in one place. Instead of trading bloated email chains back and forth between your team and the influencer, try doing all your messaging within the Influencer Hub Assignment:

Expand the assignment and click the influencer's name

Expand the assignment and click the influencer's name. Then use the comment's feature to communicate privately with the influencer (other influencers in the assignment won't see this section):

You can also share files with the influencer (and they can share files with you) using comments:

Need an influencer to sign a contract, or upload photo assets at the end of a campaign? Just ask them to leave a comment with an upload in it.

How Do I Send a Message to Multiple Influencers at Once?

Easy! Just hover over the three dots menu on the assignment:

Access the assignment menu

Then click 'Send an Update'. You can write a message and then select which influencers should receive it. Your message will be left as a comment on each influencer's assignment page, and they'll receive an email notification:

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