Influencer Hub makes it easy for brands and influencers to work together to prove the value of influencer marketing campaigns. Brands invite influencers to complete assignments, giving both parties easy access to the key metrics that show the ROI of an influencer marketing campaign.

Sometimes, a brands needs to add their own deliverables alongside those of the influencers'. For example, a brand may have promoted the influencers' content on its own channels.

A brand can easily add deliverables to an Influencer Hub assignment.

Note: if you're an influencer looking for help adding deliverables to your assignment, click here.

How to add deliverables to an assignment as a brand:

Click the 'View Details' link in the assignment dropdown menu:

Click 'Add Brand Deliverables':

Begin adding your deliverables:

Note: In order for deliverables to display stats automatically, make sure you've connected your accounts.

Tip: If you have other stats you'd like to show on a report, (i.e. purchases, or attendance at an event), another great option is the notes/comment field available at the top of every report:

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