Automatic Hashtag Tracking

Automatically add influencer deliverables based on a hashtag/keyword search

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InfluenceKit can automatically add deliverables on supported platforms that contain a matching hashtag or keyword. When you use Automatic Hashtag Tracking, influencers will no longer need to add deliverables manually (on supported platforms).

How Hashtag Tracking Works:

When creating your assignment, you'll see an option to add deliverables via content search. Just add a hashtag that you'd like to track, and we'll add any matching content from the influencer's accounts:

Once influencers connect their social accounts, all they need to do is make sure they use the campaign hashtag when posting their content, and it'll automatically show up on your reports.
Hashtag search works for Facebook page posts, Instagram in-feed, Reels and Stories, TikTok, and Pinterest.

Is it possible to have more than one hashtag assigned to a campaign?

Yes! You can track multiple hashtags by adding a space between each one, like this "#hastagone #hashtagtwo #hashtagthree".


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