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Letting Brand/Agency Partners Add Deliverables
Letting Brand/Agency Partners Add Deliverables
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At InfluenceKit, we view reporting as an important part of the content creator's responsibility. It's also crucial for content creators to understand their own value. That's why InfluenceKit reports are always owned by the content creator, and shared with the brand or agency.

In some cases, an influencer might prefer to let their brand/agency partner add deliverables on their behalf. Here's how that can work:

Your partner asks for permission to manage assignment deliverables on your behalf:

Your brand/agency partner may contact you and ask you give them deliverable permissions on a particular assignment. This means they'll be able to add deliverables to that assignment on your behalf.

You can choose to grant or deny the brand's request:

When you allow the brand/agency to add deliverables, you are not giving them access to your social media accounts. You're just giving them permission to add deliverables (including Instagram Stories) to one particular assignment.

The brand will be able to add any URL to the assignment as a deliverable. They'll also be able to see your Instagram Stories within InfluenceKit, and add those as deliverables.

You can disable this permission at any time

If you change your mind, you can turn this permission off, and the brand/agency won't be able to add anything else to the assignment. They also won't be able to continue viewing/adding your Instagram stories.

Any deliverables that we added while the permission was enabled will remain on the assignment (you can remove them if you want).

Do I still need to connect my social media accounts?

Yes. If you want InfluenceKit to be able to pull automated reporting for the deliverables that you and the brand/agency partner add, then you'll need to connect the appropriate social media accounts.

Your InfluenceKit account always remains separate from the brand/agency's account. They never get access to your social media accounts.

Does giving this permission on one assignment mean the brand can see or add to all of my assignments?

No. This permission is granted per assignment. Allowing it on one assignment will only give the brand/agency the ability to add deliverables to that assignment.

What is Automatic Hashtag Tracking?

If Automatic Hashtag Tracking is enabled for your assignment, you'll see that in the message, as shown below:

This means that any content from your connected accounts that matches the given hashtag will be added to this assignment as a deliverable, automatically. That saves you from having to manually add deliverables each time you publish them. This feature works for content on Facebook pages, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and TikTok.

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