You create content on multiple platforms; your blog, Facebook, Instagram, e-mail newsletters. InfluenceKit lets you track all this content and get performance reports automatically. 

So if you're creating sponsored content for a client, you can enter these pieces of content (we call them Deliverables) in InfluenceKit, and then provide the sponsor with useful, always-updated reporting.

How to use Deliverables

First, create an event on your calendar:

Enter the details:

Then click Create:

Now the page will update and you'll see a new tab called 'Deliverables':

When you click on the Deliverables tab, you can enter the URLs of the pieces of content that you want to track:

After saving, you can click the 'View Report' button to see how this content is performing.


Before viewing reports, you'll need to connect the associated social media or analytics account for the type of content you've added. For example, if you want to track a Facebook deliverable, you'll need to connect your Facebook account first. 

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