InfluenceKit makes it easy to track the performance of your content on multiple online channels, including: your own web site or blog, social media platforms, e-mail newsletter, and others.

Whether you're doing sponsored content or not, it's useful to know how your content is doing. InfluenceKit automates and simplifies the reporting process, so you don't have to log in to multiple different reporting dashboards just to figure out how one content campaign is going.

For sponsored content, reporting is an invaluable tool. It helps you communicate your value back to the sponsor, and lets them better understand the return on investment.

How reports work
When you enter a 'deliverable' into your InfluenceKit calendar (learn more about deliverables), we'll automatically track its performance, updating the statistics continually. You can also manually add stats for deliverables that we can't update automatically.

Sharing and Exporting Reports

Reports can be shared via e-mail, or by cutting and pasting a URL. Click the 'share' button at the top of your report to via sharing options.

Reports can also be exported as PDF files. This feature is only available to users on our Grow and Pro plans.

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