One of the first things you should do with your InfluenceKit account, is create a report. Here's how to do that:

Go to the 'Connected Accounts' page (in the settings menu):

Connect your social and analytics accounts:

Once your accounts are connected, click the 'Home' icon to go back to your calendar dashboard. Then, click on any day on the calendar to create a new campaign:

Fill in the 'Name' field, and the campaign will auto-save. Then, click the 'Deliverables' tab to start adding your deliverables to this campaign:

To add a deliverable, just copy-and-paste the URL of the piece of content you'd like to report on:

To add Instagram Stories, click the 'Stories' tab and then select the stories you want to add:

(Note: only stories that were posted after you connected your Facebook account to InfluenceKit will be available)

When you're done adding deliverables, click 'View Report' to go to your report:

You can share your report from this page by clicking 'Share Report':

That's it! You've created your first report. We recommend creating some reports from existing content or previous sponsored campaigns. They're an easy way to get started, and sending them to previous or potential sponsors can be very effective.

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